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Soul Winning Training Camp

View of the Soul winning camp buildingMany of the children of God want to share the joy of their redemption with others and lead them to the true God Jesus Christ. Many do want to be endowed with the power and gifts of the Holy Spirit and to shine for Him. However, in spite of all their efforts they fall short of their expectation and are sour and depressed.

A View of the Soul winning sessionFor such people the Soul Winning Training Camp is conducted once in a year at Jesus Redeems Head Quarters and other places. Hundreds of people are been trained in such camps and get the power and gifts of the Holy Spirit. They are the leaders who are taught, how to pray for the souls, how the holy spirit works in winning souls and how to lead the individual in Christ.

In Malaysia, also five such training camps have been conducted so far. Through the ministries of those trained, many have repented of their sins, those who went astray have come back to the right path, and many families have been blessed with peace.

Prayer Camp

Every year two prayer camps are conducted in India and one camp in Singapore. Many truths related to prayer are taught in these camps - how to pray for hours, how to stand in the gap and pray, how to pray in the spirit. A large number of persons have taken part in these camps and have become prayer warriors.

Deliverance Camp

Every year in the month of May we are conducting a special camp for three days for the people who are subjected to the clutches of Satan, to get delivered in their spirit, soul and body. Thousands form various places attend this camp and are receiving multifold blessing and deliverance from the hands of our Lord Almighty. All the three days the participants experience the Heavenly joy on earth. Bro. Mohan C. Lazarus and Special invitees deliver God's messages. In the "Santhiya Neram" (Evening Tides) we have a special gathering in the wilderness.



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