"in you I will be Glorified!" (Isaiah 49:3)
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I greet you in the precious name of our LORD Jesus Christ!

How are you? Are you well? We are praying for you and your family. I believe that our "Jesus Redeems" Ministry will be a great blessing to you and your family! Please do let us know how far you have been blessed by the ministry.

GOD blessed all the ministries that took place in February 2014. Praise GOD for this! GOD greatly blessed the fasting prayers held at Thirupathur! For the past 25 years, this 3 day fasting prayers have been conducted twice a year at Thirupathur presided over by our beloved Bro. Sam Jebadurai. Millions of prayer warriors have been raised through these prayers. GOD is raising thousands of people who have learnt "how to pray for our nation?" and pray diligently for the nation.Monthly Message

More than 25000 people participated in the 12 hour fasting prayer held at Kanyakumari on the 8th of February,2014 and prayed for revival to break out in Tamil Nadu. We were able to witness the fire of revival alighting upon every one who were gathered there. Please join us in praying for revival in Tamil Nadu.

On the 15th of this month (March 2014), Saturday, we have organised a "Blessing fasting prayer" for those who are doing business and Enterprenuers. This has been arranged in the Tabernacle of GOD. You too might be a businessman or own your own business! We have organised this prayers for you to be blessed. Please participate in these prayers with your family. Please extend this invitation to those of your acquaintances who are businessmen like you and bring them along!

From the 19th to the 23rd of March 2014, ministry work is to take place in Malaysia. Three day prayer camp in Kuala Lumpur and two days of gospel meetings have been organised. Please pray for these ministries.

From this year onwards, we are witnessing a revival breaking out in Tamil Nadu. The Holy Spirit will be poured out as the latter rain upon Tamil Nadu! We will behold changes wrought by the Holy Spirit in Tamil Nadu! There will be persecution of Christians because of the revival that breaks out! We have to pray earnestly and pray hard. The revival that breaks out in Tamil Nadu will spread all through the nation! There will be revival among the youth in the backsliden countries like England and America!

The revival that breaks out before the coming of the LORD, is to break out from India and spread across all nations! We have to pray earnestly and sincerely for this. Please uphold me and the families of the Jesus Redeems ministry in your everyday prayers. Our prayer groups are praying for you. May the grace of GOD rest upon you!

Pray for me

42nd Birthday - 18th March 2014

It was on the 18th of March 1972 that I was born again in our LORD Jesus CHRIST. It was on this day that Jesus Christ met me and blessed me with the joy of salvation. The joy of salvation that he gave me on that day has remained with me until this very day. I thank GOD for his unchanging grace that has protected from that day until now.

This month, on the 18th instant, I lovingly ask you in name of Jesus Christ to specially pray for me. Pleas pray that the reason why GOD met me and has called me, will come to fruition in my life. Please pray for our Jesus Redeems ministries as well.

Grace be with you!

Your Brother,

Mohan C Lazarus.

Army of God Prayer Network
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