The Lord is my Shepherd I am not in want !

(Jesus Redeems June 2001)

The Lord is my Shepherd I am not in want!

In the Holy Scripture the God who created the Heaven and the Earth has many names. For each name, there is a meaning. His name reveals His character and power.  “Jehovah Rohi” is a name given to the God of Gods. The meaning of this term is “The Lord is my Shepherd.”  When the God who created the Heaven and the Earth, came to the world as a man just as we are, named ‘Jesus’, revealed himself to the people as “I am the good shepherd.” (John 10:11) Because “when Jesus saw the crowds, He had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.” (Matt. 9:36)

Jesus had compassion on them and revealed himself as a shepherd when the people were affected by many kinds of sins, diseases and sufferings and were without peace. Today, Jesus Christ is saying to you “I am the good shepherd to you.” Jesus says to you, who are in a harassed condition by many kinds of life’s problems: My Son! My Daughter! “I am your good shepherd”  King David said, “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not be in want” (Psalm 23:1) meaning, because the Lord is my shepherd, I do not have any need. If you possess Jesus Christ as your good shepherd, you can also say courageously. “ The Lord is my shepherd I am not in want ”  “ If you know, how Jesus Christ is the good shepherd ” then you can receive His blessings.

A Shepherd who calls by Name

“The good shepherd calls his own sheep by name and leads them out” (John 10:3)  Once, a man of God was crossing through the fields. At that moment, he saw few shepherds were shepherding their flock of sheep. The shepherds sat under the trees and watched the sheep grazing. Three flocks of sheep belonging to three shepherds were grazing together. That minister came to the shepherds to know eagerly about the issues related to these shepherds and the sheep. And Jesus Christ has said that He is the shepherd and we are His sheep!  He asked the shepherds, “How do you know this is your sheep among these flocks because there are more than one!” Then a shepherd smilingly looked at him and said, “sir, watch now” He called out a name. Then, a sheep among the grazing flock raised its head and looked at the shepherd.

The man of God was surprised when the shepherd said, “sir, I keep a name for each sheep. Likewise for each sheep right from the time it is a lamb, we give a name and train them. So, when this name is just called, wherever my sheep may be, it will come to me. I know my sheep, it will not get lost.”  He left praising, and was thinking about the love of Jesus that if a shepherd in the world has so much concern for his sheep then how much more the Lord Jesus Christ would have compassion for His sheep – the people. Beloved, Jesus Christ is a good shepherd who calls you by name. Do not forget, if He knows your name, He also knows your every need in life. Why should you worry? when you have a good shepherd who knows you very well.

Hagar, the maidservant of Sarai, fled from her home, when she was mistreated. She ran into desert with the thought “I will go somewhere and survive.” In spite of it at heart, she was in a dilemma. “Where will I go? To whom will I go? Who is there for me?” This pregnant woman walked with distress in the desert. Suddenly someone called her name in that no man’s land. “Hagar where have you come from? And where are you going? Go back, I will bless you,” said the Lord. When she heard what the Lord has spoken her heart was joyous.

She named the Lord who spoke to her as “You are the God who sees me.” Because when she was thinking that none has known her distress, it was the Lord who created her has known her distress because He called her by name and comforted her. (Genesis 16: 7:13) Are you perplexed like Hagar today? Are you weeping that no one loves you or able to understand your distress? Are you depressed that no one helps you and feel lonely in this world which is a desert?  Do not be perplexed you have a good shepherd. He is Lord Jesus. Jesus loves you, He has known you. He will help you. Today He is calling you by name.

A Shepherd who goes ahead

“When the good shepherd has brought out all his own, He goes on ahead of them and his sheep follow him because they know his voice” (John 10:4) Each day, after the shepherd brings out the sheep from the stable, he goes on ahead of them. The sheep, which follows him, are not anxious about anything.  “Oh! What shall we do for food today? Where to go for water? What to do in the time of danger?” These sheep are not anxious about such things. The sheep follows the shepherd faithfully because the shepherd goes on ahead of them and He makes them to lie down in green pasture and leads them beside quite waters. It follows with a hope, that the shepherd will protect them even when peril comes.

Jesus Our good shepherd, goes ahead of us in the same way. He knows our needs. He will feed us! He will clothe us! He will meet our needs! Just follow him with faith.

In the year 1975, when the Lord called me for ministry, my parents were Hindus. I said to the Lord “Lord, even if I require five paise, I will ask you alone. You have to meet my needs. I should not go to my parents for my needs.”  Then Jesus gave me a promise, “son, Do not worry about tomorrow! Everyday, I will meet your needs. You will not be going to any person for your need.”  As the Lord has said, He has led me miraculously for the past twenty-five years. In the year 1978 the Lord started the Jesus Redeems ministry as a prayer cell. In the year 1980 the Holy Spirit inspired to initiate the magazine ministry.

Then the Lord commanded me “Do not keep a particular subscription for the magazine. send it to all, who asks for it. Through this, I will meet the gentiles. Each months, I will meet the needs of this ministry through my children.”  We obeyed the word and started the magazine ministry. 300 magazines were published in the first month. Today by the Lord’s grace 1,60,000 magazines are being printed and sent in Tamil, English, Hindi, and Kannada languages. As the Lord promised, even Hindus and Muslims write letters being blessed through the Jesus Redeems magazine. As according to His promise, He is meeting the needs.

Every months the Lord is miraculously meeting the ministry needs according to the requirements. The good shepherd Jesus has not kept us in want. As the good shepherd Jesus goes ahead of our ministry, He leads us with no want.  He will lead you too!! He will meet your needs also. He will fulfill your needs. Follow the good shepherd with faith! When following Jesus, at times one has to go through hardships. Do not become weary He leads you through that way.

One day Sadhu Sundar Singh a man of God, sat at the Lord’s feet and asked a question “Lord, people of this world who live in sin and who do not follow you, live a happy life, whereas your children who follows you are harassed with needs, problems and inadequacies!  Then the Lord Jesus answered him with the parable of a shepherd. “One morning a shepherd started with his flock for grazing. At a distance there was a pleasant green pasture. The sheep came happily thinking that today the shepherd has brought them to a good pasture. But the shepherd did not stop at that pasture. He passed over that pasture. The sheep thought that they were not taken to graze in that fertile pasture. Few sheep followed the shepherd joyfully with the thought that he will always lead them well.

Most of the sheep followed the shepherd with a grumble that the shepherd is taking them somewhere, leaving such a pleasant pasture.  One sheep felt that both the shepherd and other sheep were out of their mind, because they were going somewhere, leaving such a pleasant pasture. Therefore it left the flock and went away from the shepherd, to that pasture. It grazed the fertile pasture and drank water from the nearly stream then rested for awhile and started to graze again. And said to it “I am clever because the shepherd has left such a pleasant pasture and he is taking the sheep somewhere on a hard, rough path.” Suddenly a roaring sound was heard. When the sheep raised its head, it saw a lion standing there.

Because the shepherd knew about the danger in that place he took his sheep to another place. Now the sheep understood its stupidity. When the shepherd was not near to protect it, that sheep became a prey to the lion in a short while. Jesus Christ told this parable and also gave the explanation “People who do not follow me and who live in sin and pleasure of this world, look as if they are leading a happy life. One day when Satan attacks, no one is there to deliver them. In the end, Satan takes them to eternal fire of hell. Yes, I lead them through rough and hard ways, but still I will be a Shepherd to protect them in times of trouble. When my sheep are wounded, I am a shepherd who carries them on my shoulders.” Why should we be perplexed, when we have a good shepherd who bandages our wounds and carries us on his shoulders. Follow Jesus, the good shepherd joyfully.

A Shepherd who lays down his life

“I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.”  (John 10:11) Jesus Christ is a shepherd who gave his life on the cross for us. To make us righteous, He bore our sins in His body and shed His blood on the cross.  (I Peter 2:24)  He became a curse for us on the cross to change our curse and to bless us. (Galatians 3:13) He took up our infirmities in the cross to heal us by His stripes. (Matthew 8:17)  In the evening, a shepherd brought his flock back home. He placed them in the stable after counting each of them. He became sad when he found that one of the sheep was missing. He counted again and found that one was lost.

He did not take it with ease, when he found that it was only one sheep and so let it be searched in the morning. If the sheep is not found immediately before night, it will become a prey for wild animals. Therefore, he did not mind his fatigue, he left immediately, to search for the lost sheep. For many miles he walked and searched. At last, he found the sheep caught amidst the thorny bushes, which is on the slope of the mountain. Though he was glad that he found the sheep, he was perplexed how to protect it from that danger. If there were a little miss, the sheep would fall inside the deep valley and die.

In spite of it, the shepherd took a risk of his life; he got down the slope of the mountain and neared the sheep. When he entered the thorny bushes the harmful thorn tore his body and wounded him. His whole body started to bleed. In spite of his wounds, which he did not mind, he rescued the sheep from the thorny bushes. With the joy of finding the lost sheep, he forgot all his wounds and carried the sheep on his shoulders and returned back home. In the same way Jesus, the good shepherd gave Him to die on the cross and to rescue us who are caught in the thorny bush of sin. His body was flogged and torn, hands and legs were nailed and wounded. He bore these wounds for us.

Have you accepted this Jesus the good shepherd in your life as the shepherd who was wounded and died for you? Are you following this good shepherd daily? Or are you a sheep that has fled from the flock? If you are in His flock, praise Him joyfully saying “Jehovah Rohi” – ‘our good shepherd’. If you are a lost sheep submit yourself again in his hands. Today, the good shepherd Jesus has come in search of you. If you follow this good shepherd, do not worry about anything! The good shepherd Jesus will lead you! He will meet your needs.

My good shepherd,
I praise you for rescuing me!
I praise you, because you go ahead of me!
I praise you because you gave your life on the cross for me and you meet my needs!
I praise you, for you are going to lead me till the end!
In the name of Jesus!
Amen… Amen!