God wants to lift you up. It is His desire to life you up. He wants to lift up your spiritual life! He wants to lift you up in your studies! He wants to lift you up in your job or business. Are you dismayed because of the defeat or loss that you had faced today? Fear not for God is speaking to you today. Are you dismayed for all the following reasons? I have not found blessings in all that I do… Everything that I do get hindered…Waiting for profit ends in loss… Waiting for victory ends in defeat. Money does not stay with me and it goes like depositing it on a torn bag… Everything I take ends incomplete.

The Lord is speaking to you today. He is speaking to you through this message. Please read this message of God with prayer. This will bring miracle into your lives. Our Lord is a God of blessing and a God who is capable of lifting up. It is His desire to lift up his children.  He called Abraham, blessed him made him rich. He selected David the shepherd and made him the king of Israel.  He lifted Joseph who was taken as a slave to Egypt and made him ruler over the whole nation. Daniel the youth was taken to Babylon as a slave. He faced defeat at his young age. He was taken as a slave from his own land to a foreign land. His future was a question to him. But God lifted him up in that foreign land. He was lifted up at the designation next to the king.

God decided to lift Esther the orphan and made her the queen.  It is very ordinary for Him to lift the ordinary people. He had lifted people who lived in defeat, sorrow and poverty. He will certainly lift you. He will lift you who are standing dismayed because of the defeat and loss.  God will not allow you to be static the same way. He will lift you for He lifted up Joseph who was living in defeat and shyness. He will lift you for He lifted up Esther who lost her father and mother.

He will lift you up in your studies
He will lift you up in your work
He will lift you up in your business
He will lift you up in your family
He will lift you up in the society
He will lift you up in the ministry

The God who can lift you up is standing beside you right now. If you want Him to lift you up, you have to do certain things. If you do these things, you can see God lifting you up certainly. What do I have to do for God to lift me up?


“Seek ye first the kingdom and righteousness of God and all these things shall be added to you.” (Matt 6 : 33) First, you have to seek the kingdom and righteousness of God. Then, all these things will come in search of you.  That is, you have to be saved and become the children of God. (John 1:12) Then He will lift you up for you are His children. I know a brother; he was living in sin as according to his wishes. He had no fear of God and he did not search God. Hence there were no blessings in his family and he was living in poverty.  He desired death more than life for he thought that it is better. He was told about the love of Jesus when he had already decided that death is the end. He knelt before the presence of Jesus and shed tears for his sins. He got repented of his sins and he committed his life to live for Jesus.

God had mercy on Him as according to the word in Proverbs 28:13; “He who covers his sins will not prosper. But whoever confesses and forsakes them will have mercy”. He for gave his sin and blessed him. Now he had been lifted up as a business magnet and lives a testimony life to God. God has blessed him to the level where he is earning huge sum of money now from the state where he was working hard for one time meal. It is because he had caught hold of the Lord Firmly. God lifts up his children as He has said, “the blessing of the Lord brings wealth, and he adds no trouble to it”. (Proverbs 10:22) Think about yourself today.

Have you ever come to Jesus feeling sorry about your sins? Have you ever confessed your sins to Him? Have you ever accepted Jesus into your hearts as a saviour? If it is not so, please surrender yourself into the hands of Jesus. So, if your first search Him, then all the other things will be given to you.


“Ask, and it will be given to you; for everyone who asks receives”. (Matt 7:7,8) You should ask!  When you ask you shall receive.  “If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask Him!” (Matthew 7:11)

A father knows to give the best things to his children. Likewise it is true, that the heavenly Father will give His children all the best things.  But you should ask our Father God as how you ask your worldly Father. Many remain idle after writing to the servants of God to pray for their needs! And many more say that they do not have time to pray. God wants to listen to your prayers rather than listening to all the prayers that is being offered for you. You have to ask for yourself and then only God  can rise you up. A leper looked unto Jesus and prayed for him. Jesus listened to his prayers and healed him.

The blind men themselves prayed to Jesus for their healing. Jesus miraculously opened their eyes.  You have to ask for your healing  You have to ask for your deliverance  You have to ask for your victory  He is waiting with agog to listen to your prayers. Allot a specific time for prayer and pray to Him. I know a young man who is doing business. The death of his father troubled him a lot. His relatives looked at him and said, let us see how he will run the business and come up in his life.

But he clung to the God of blessing. He will bend his knees before the Lord at times when he faced a problem in business, when there is a need and when he started a new business.  He will tell everything to Jesus. He will pray till he gets clear guidelines from the Lord.  God blessed all that he did. He blessed his business and lifted him up. “Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know”. (Jeremiah 33:3) You too pray to the Lord for your needs, He will answer you and lift you up.  Allot a specific time of prayer and bible reading everyday and wait on the Lord. Bend your knees and pray to the Lord before you start your worldly work.

Stand before the Lord for the sake of your education, work, future, children, family, healing, needs and business.  Do not say my wife is praying and my children are praying and my mother is praying, so I need not pray. For God wants you to pray. Only your prayers can lift you up. God certainly lifts all those that pray.  “Because he has set his love upon Me, therefore I will deliver him; I will set him on high, because he has known My name”.  “He shall call upon Me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him and honor him”. (Ps. 91:14,15)


“Give, and it will be given to you; good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be put into your bosom. For with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you”.  (Luke 6:38)  You Should give!  When you give, the Lord will give you abundantly and lift you. I know a brother who accepted Christ as his saviour. He is doing business. The Lord has blessed his business.  When I asked what is the reason for the blessing? That man of God said, “the reason for the blessing of our business is that we have established a covenant with the Lord and we are acting according to it.

First, we do not open our shops on Sunday for it is God’s day. We spend that day for the Lord. We use there days to go to the church service and to get involved in the ministry.  Secondly, we take a share as tithe from the blessings and give it to the Lord. We give one tenth of all the profit that we get from the business. Hence, God is blessing us more.”  Do you want God to lift you up? Give your time, talents and a share of your profit to the Lord? He will bless your giving and multiply and give it to you hundred folds. 

My dear people, do not forget that the reason for God blessing you is that you have to be helpful to God’s Servant and other needy people.  God blessed Joseph in the country of Egypt and he said, “And God sent me before you to preserve a posterity for you in the earth, and to save your lives by a great deliverance” (Genesis 45:7)  Joseph knew that God blessed him so that he may be useful to others. Do you want God to lift you? You have to stretch your hands to help the needy people in your family.

When God blessed Daniel in the country of Babylon he wasn’t prideful thinking that God likes him more. He prayed to the king to lift up Shadrach, Meschah and Abed Nego. They were also lifted up through Daniel. Hence God blessed Daniel more. (Daniel 2:49) God cannot lift you if you gonna be selfish. God will lift you higher when you work for the upliftment of others. When Esther was lifted she was helpful for the salvation of her people. God blessed him for this reason only. The reason for God lifting you higher is not that you will live selfish. He blessed you for the reason that you have to be useful to God’s servant and others.

Hence, give to others. Give to the ministry of God. God will bless you to the full measure.  Pray to the Lord and say, “Bless me that I may be useful to others and that I may be useful to the Ministry. For God will surely bless you more.

Heavenly Father,
Bless me that I may be useful to others and the Ministry. Lift me and bless me. In Jesus name I pray.
Amen! Amen!!