Recently, Outlook magazine ran a cover story on the Future-telling Industry - the world of Parrots picking cards spread out on the pavement, the world of star signs, horoscopes etc. The Industry is worth Rs. 40,000 crore, the mag reported (in their 22 November, 2004 issue). Soma Wadhwa, the author of that cover story wrote, "The India Future Telling business is on a bull run threatening to become a stampede. There's an unprecedented rush of customers, young and old, men and women, willing to pay whatever it costs to know future's impending intent." But do you know that it has been shown that fortune telling is only 5% accurate! For example one of America's most celebrated future-tellers, Jeane Dixon, predicted on October 19, 1968 that Jacqueline Kennedy, the wife of the dead U.S. President John F. Kennedy was considering marriage again. Guess what happened? The very next day - October 20, 1968 - Jacqueline married Aristotle Onassis!. Some might argue that fortune-tellers have been accurate some of the times at least and so they are worth our time. But listen to this: If a persona accurately predicts the future without a relationship with Jesus Christ, he or she may be demon-possessed. Paul and Silas who met a girl who could tell the future because she was demon-possessed in their ministry (Acts 16:16). Instead of getting to know their future from that girl they deliver her from that demon! What an example!

The Bible is the only book that 100% accurate in it predictions of the future. 737 events have been predicted by the Bible. 594 of them (over 80%) have come true. The rest (Jesus' return, Eternal Hell, etc) are slated for the future. Want to know the future? Read the Bible! It contains the words of the only person who is in a position to 'make known the end from the beginning, from the ancient times, what is still to come' (Isa 46:10).