Let no one deceive you by any means ... One of the signs to be noticed at the end of the world, as mentioned by God is that of the "false laborers" who would pretend as though they are the workers of His Vineyard.

As it is written about "false prophets", we need not form a wrong notion that falsehood will arise out of "false prophets" alone.

This kind of falsehood can also be found in shepherds, preachers and teachers.  Falsehood is found everywhere.

First of all, such false laborers, entice people by their performance of cheap type of miracles, and novel messages.  Very soon they exalt themselves and proclaim that they are 'Christ's Avatar' or they are Christs.

Most of us have a weakness.  What is that weakness?  Whatever is preached from the pedestal is believed to be the Gospel truth by us.  We assume that whoever has won the hearts of many people must have spoken only the truth.

We begin to calculate that those who have wealth and social status would never speak lies.

This is the favorable and suitable ground floor for Satan to put his strategies into practice.

His target, all along had been the target of devouring such flocks of sheep.

He allows his wolves to roam in sheep's clothing in the midst of such flocks of sheep; such wolves cunningly pretend as if they are grass grazers.  People forget the warning, the repeated warnings given to them now and then.  They easily take decision by what they see outwardly and finally fall into the trap that is kept ready by such scheming preachers.

Do you have the habit of reading newspapers?  I hope you all might have read about one false preacher by name Koresh.  There was a sensational news about him some years back.  You might have been shocked by the news.

By this time, some of you might have forgotten this news because the world is full of such sensational news.  But the news of Koresh can never be forgotten.  Le me share a few words with those who have forgotten about him and his 'deed'.

There was a preacher in Valquo ashram in America, who was preaching the word from scripture in an alluring manner.  He is like a juggler, juggled with words.  The teaching technique of this new teacher was new to the people.  People listened to his teaching with keen interest and sat for hours in rapt attention.  He spoke with so much zeal, showing enthusiasm in his tone and voice that people got excited and fell flat into his trap.  Entranced by his alluring talk, people got up from their seats in between the message and clapped their hands to cheer hiem.

The followers of Koresh increased in number day by day.  Why as there such an increase in the group of Koresh?  What was the reason behind it?  Because Koresh allowed a lot of exceptions to the rules of the Christian doctrine.

According to his newly established doctrine, drug addiction or licensed limitless sexual relationship was not at all a sin.  He gave explanation to his new found theories and convinced them easily.  Such a new theory was the most inviting one among the excited people.

His scientific explanation about the structure of the body or its needs, was a thought provoking sermon to the people.  They began to thing that they were stupid in superstitiously following strict dogmatic principles so far in their life.  They believed his doctrine.  What he taught was just, they thought.  The result was an increase in number in his group.

He traveled extensively and gathered a good number of ardent devotees to his new teaching.  He supplied all facilities like "worship with drugs" and "unlimited sexual relationship;" along with that, plenty of new brain-washing teachings were supplied in good measure.  Is this not enough for people?  They were ready to do anything for their hero.

So long Koresh had been revealing himself as a teacher to his followers.  But on one fine morning, he declared himself as "Christ" before his men.  People in their half stupor and strong delusion approved of it with a great applause.  But not all.

Some of his men began to suspect his activities.  So they sent reports about Koresh and his ashram to the police.  Knowing this, he alerted himself and devised a new scheme to deceive people.  He introduced this new plan to them.

He assured them that he would take all his followers straightaway to heaven.  He also told them that they would not test physical death here on earth.  People could not control their joy.  Once again, in their strong delusion, they believed this lie.  At the first level, properties of the people were sold and donated to the ashram.  The date for going to heaven was fixed; but how to go was the question left in the minds of all.

"It is easier", he assured them.  People must take more drugs and at the final state of climax, they should set fire to themselves.

People joyously started to nod their heads with approval at their master's suggestion.  What was the cause?  It was because of the addiction to drugs! Addiction that totally benumbed their thinking ability!

Among them some did not reach the highest level of thrill or excitement.  They were afraid and so they sent reports to the police officials.  Knowing the seriousness of the situation, the American police took action immediately.

They surrounded the ashram and planned to rescue the people alive from the clutches of the false teacher.

When Koresh understood that there is no escape, he locked the doors of the ashram.  People were caught in his crafty snare.  He sent a warning note to the police saying that the police have no right to interfere in their religious belief and practice.  The police in return, send back a warning to him, asking him to surrender.

Koresh was preaching his last message very seriously to people with enthusiasm.  He brainwashed them that the police who stand between them are Satan blocking their heavenly journey.  Believing his words, people shouted in one accord, "Down, Down Satan police!"

The believers were in grate agitation.  They did not know the way to go to heaven.  "It is dead easy!" he shouted.  He coaxed them to take more drugs.  He told them that they would be reaching a higher state, then; they in their supreme state should set fire to their children first and then to one another afterwards.  He spoke to them "Behold; I kept the doors of heaven open for you! Enter, right now!"

The police who were waiting outside, saw a great black smoke arising from the ashram.  The agitated police men broke the door asunder and entered the worship hall.  They put out the fire after a great struggle.  There they a sight - a sight of dead bodies lying strewn all over, heaps of dead bodies, children burning alive and struggling - all charred black things - things which they used! In the midst of such saddest ruins - lay the dead body of Koresh! almost like a charred black wood!

When the world cake to know about such a sad plight of people, it missed its heart beat for a moment.

The very name "Koresh" means "Whirlwind!"

"Has the whirlwind stopped?"

The pertinent and emphatic answer is - "No!" It may come again! - because such a whirlwind has come several times before.

Let us see more about such "Whirlwinds", in the next issue ...

(... to be continued.)