According to world statistics, altogether 22,000 persons have deceived people by calling themselves "Christ!"

Jesus Christ has already warned us regarding the kinds of deception that would take place in the last days.

" ... Take heed that no one deceives you.  For many will come in My name, saying, I am the Christ; and will deceive many. Then if anyone says to you, 'Look, here is the Christ' or There! do not believe it ..." Matthew 24:4,5,23-27

What the Lord has warned us in the years past, is seen fulfilled today.  These are the end-time warnings already given by our Lord.

The devil practices his deception in three different ways among the children of God.


First Deception:


He twists the word of God very tactfully and infuses false teaching into the messages.  He with his craftiness diverts the attention of the believers from the basic teachings.

If I have to talk about false teaching, and subversive doctrines, then I will have to write numerous of books.  Already there are a few lakhs of them.

One of the Church denominations says 'Jesus is not God; He is only and Angel of God. He is only a God sent prophet.'  One sect of people publish a big number of journals and go from door to door and spread this new message.

Their main aim is to capture the Christians only.  They visit the house of strong believers daily and direct their attention to this new concept.  They talk in such a diplomatic way and turn them from the basic truth.


Second Deception of Satan:


The false prophets make the believers stumble in the name of "Vision."

They say things like: "There is a iron chip hidden deep in the eastern part of the hall in your house."

"The fourth house neighbor has done witchcraft against you."

Some of them have the habit of saying all false things to the believers.  One such false prophesy is, "A man will come to marry your daughter from the south eastern side; his name will begin with 'A'."  Such false prophets are popular among people.  They easily attract people by prophesying about matters ranging from personal affairs to world affairs, though the prophesy is false. 

We can see false prophets everywhere, in hundreds.  They are easily available to any one, any time.


Satan's Third Deception:


How can we discern there false ones?  They will deny the name of Jesus Christ and they will project themselves as Christs.

These false Christs are different from the other deceivers.

False Christs will call themselves "Gods."  With a divine smile, they would argue that all religions are one, just as there are many rivers but one sea.  They create clouds above their heads in other countries, and in India, they produce linga-idols from their mouth.

They claim that all religious faiths have mentioned about them.  They speak and act in a crazy way, "I here the talk of the parrot", "I understand the song of the Cuckoo", they would blabber.  They would quite often laugh to themselves, looking at the sky.  They have a distinct style of speaking, pronouncing each word distinctly and pausing between two words.  If we are alert, we can easily spot out these false Christs.

One thing is common among them all.  All false prophets and false teachers speak and write, keeping Jesus before them.  They would not say that they are Christs; but they would indirectly exalt themselves by exposing themselves as somebody endowed with supernatural power.  To distinguish such false teachers from the others, is the most difficult thing for believers.

You must improve your knowledge of the word of God.  If you fail to do so, then you are dangerously close to getting trapped by these people.

Some years back, a Pastor in Korea told his congregation of believers that the second coming of Lord Jesus Christ was on 31, December of that year; hence they must be alert and wait for Him on that day.

Even if I tell you what actually happened, you will not believe.  Nearly, some ten thousand people waited to receive Jesus with a 'Welcome Jesus' placard.

They believed that they would go to heaven along with Him.  So some of them carried things like four sets of dresses, currency notes, shaving set and bank pass book in their suitcase.

Ladies did not forget to carry their make-up kit.  Little children were seen carrying their Barbie dolls and Teddy Bear.

Hundreds of Television reporters gathered at the Church to gather news from the believers.  Live telecast programmes were telecast from News Channels.  As the specified time approached, there arose an excitement among them.

A long hand mike was stretched before the pastor by the TV reporters.  They asked him, "At what time will be His Second Coming?"

"Exactly at 12 o' clock," he replied calmly.

They waited ... waited ... waited!

Time passed 12 O' clock, 1 ..., 2 ..., then morning ... but Jesus did not arrive.

10,000 people returned home with their downcast eyes and dampened spirit ... with their suitcase.  This took place in Korea in the beginning of the year 2000.

The Second Coming is an event that must take place but nobody knows the timing of the great event.  What doest the Bible say about this?

"But of the day and time no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, by My Father only." Matthew 24:36

The Bible clearly states this about the Second Coming, but why did these 10,000 people believe the words of a pastor and waited for His arrival on 31, December at 12 p.m?  What is the reason for their belief?


(Let's analyse the reasons for all such beliefs in the next issue ...)