They believe in false Christs because of their ignorance of the Bible.  Don't they?

In the history of the world, so far 22,000 people have declared themselves as Christs.  People have believed them and have been deceived by them 22,000 times.  Yet, they continue to be deceived by them again and again. Why?

There are people who invest in finance companies again and again in spite of reading in the news papers about run-away finance companies, deceiving people of their investment.  Believing false Christs is something similar to this.

The reason is ignorance; Ignorance of the Bible.

This ignorance certainly will be the cause for the mushrooming of innumerable false Christs, and the deception and downfall of the people, in future.

Satan has let many to graze the grass at present.

Among them the false preachers and false prophets are more dangerous than the false Christs.

False Christs declare themselves as Christs and deceive people by cheap miracles like producing cross from the mouth and lighting candles just by snapping fingers.  At the final stage he will attempt to entice non-Christians by declare himself as 'Kalki' or 'Kumudham.'

But Christians are very smart and they won't let themselves to be hoodwinked by any one who declares himself as Christ.

They comment with a sneer: "We don't even trust the real Christ: How will we ever trust the duplicate one?"

But it is a different case with false preachers and prophets.

As they don't claim to be Christs, and they keep repeating the name of Jesus, Christians don't mind their sermons interspersed with deceptive doctrines.  So false prophets and preachers know how to deceive Christians and the sheep's clothing fits these wolves perfectly.

Only when you scrutinize closely, the disguise is perceptible; otherwise apparently, they look like innocent sheep.

If they get wind of you suspicion ever so slightly, they become alert, and put on the act more cleverly and never give you a chance to suspect them.

These false preachers reject the fundamental Christian belief, and introduce new doctrines to allure the people.  There is a peculiar theory prevalent now, that is, "Because Christ is in you, you are Christ."  Many are convinced of the theory, and go about believing that they are Christs.  This is happening in America and soon may happen in India.

In 1969, a survey was conducted among many Christian denominations.  From the responses collected from 10,000 preachers, a data was prepared.  It is given below:

The belief that Jesus was not born of the Holy Spirit and was neither born of a virgin, was held by 44% of the Episcopal denomination and 46% of the Baptists, 49% of the Presbyterians and 60% of the Methodists hold the same view.

When the same survey was conducted in 1989, 63.3% of the Episcopal, 70% of the Presbyterian and 80% of the Methodist groups voted for this belief.

Look, how much has the anti-Christian faith spread?

Satan has raised innumerable false preachers all around the world.

There is a church in India, even now, where the members can make a list of their sins and hand over to the Chief Pastor and he will write, 'sins forgiven' on top of the list, seal it and return to the sender.  The person can rejoice that his/her sins are forgiven.

Out-station members can be absolved of their sins through mail.  It won't be surprising, if in future, this is done on-line, through E-mail.

Not jus in Churches, but even among independent preachers, there are a few who deviate from the word of God in their preaching and come up the easy way.

One such preacher says that it is the tongue which is responsible for our good and evil.  Nobody ever asks him, "If the tongue determines good and evil, what is the role of God in our life?"  If such a person publishes a book, the sales will be sky-high.

There is yet another one who preaches that sins are deposited in our stomach and if we vomit they will come out.  If this is true, can't we say that the friend, who had appendicitis surgery and was vomiting the whole day and night, was absolved of all his sins!  A group will appreciate event such a preaching, and attempt to vomit.

Unless you understand the word of God, the Bible, clearly, it is not easy to identify false preachers.

"If we are thorough with the word of God, is that enough for us to identify and avoid these deceivers?" you may ask.

There are a few more factors we should keep in mind, if we wish to get rid of and avoid being ensnared by these false preachers.  Let us look at them in some detail.


Before moving on to the second section of this topic, I would like to clarify a few things, very firmly.

Firstly, this message has not been written, keeping in mind any individual or any church.

I do not have an answer for questions such as, "Is the pastor in the eastern street of our town, a sincere one or a wolf?"

This is just a message of warning against deceptive preaching and is not written to hit at anyone.  I do not know anything about all churches and preachers.

This is just a message a warning against deceptive preaching and is not written to hit at anyone.  I do not know anything about all churches and preachers.

So, please avoid asking me for my opinion about pastors and churches and their doctrines.

Well, let us come to the matter.

This second section is about the reasons for the upcoming of false preachers.

You may give the reason in a single sentence, that Satan is responsible for these false servants.


(In the next issue let us see whether it is Satan, who is responsible)