Pakistan Christian Voice

Please can you ask your church members to fast and pray for our missing missionaries, in your Sunday services and in your prayer meetings, please? Please pray that our missing missionaries Lyme, Ron, Peter, and Steve be returned to us today. We are very worried about them, as days are passing away.

Please ask God to do whatever it takes to bring our missionaries back to us safe and sound, without further delay. I want to see them with my own eyes, and hold them with my own hands. Please ask God to grant me my petition.

Please pray for the release of so many Christians from Pakistan's prisons and jails. Please pray that all charges against Christians be dropped, and that Pakistani Christians be blessed with improved health, better jobs, better housing, and automobiles.

We have very important meetings with authorities this Monday. The meetings are concerning our ministry. Please can you pray that we would have all the necessary papers, and the right words to say. Please ask God to give us FAVOR, wisdom, and strength.

Thank you very much.

Yours in Messiah Jesus,

Pakistan Christian Voice