Ancient Lands and Their Current Names

Have you ever read some of the places in the Bible and wondered where they were located, today? It only takes a few moments to realize there are places mentioned in the Bible that we cannot find on a map, today. Over the years, these places have changed names. You can tell how some of them have changed because they still look a little or sound a little like their ancient names. However, some of them don't look or sound anything like the original names. I've compiled a list of ancient biblical countries and their current names.
Below that list there is a list of ancient cities and where they are located.
Please refer to this list as you study God's Word. Feel free to print it and use it as needed. Inevitably, you will find ancient lands in the Bible and want to know where they are today.

The Ancient Country or People The Current Name or Region
Ammon, Moab and Edom Jordan
Arabia Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar and some of Iraq and Jordan
Aram Syria
Assyria Iraq
Canaan Northern Israel and Southern Lebanon
Cush Ethiopia and some of Sudan, Somalia and Yemen (and possibly more of Africa)
Decapolis Northwestern Jordan and a small part of Israel
Dedan and Sheba Saudi Arabia
Gomer Ukraine
Magog, Rus and Rosh Russia
Meshech and Tubal Turkey
Midian Western Saudi Arabia and Southern Jordan
Mizraim Egypt
Philistia Palestine
Phoenicia Lebanon
Persia Iran and some of Iraq
Phut/Put Libya and some of Egypt and North Africa
Scythia Southern Russia
Togarmah Parts of Turkey, Turkomen, Turkestan and Armenia
Tarshish Carthage (and possibly even Great Britain)

The Ancient City The Current Location
Alexandria Southeastern Turkey (Coastal)
Antioch Northwest Syria (Coastal) - present day "Hatay"
Athens, Berea, Corinth, Philippi and Thessalonica Greece
Babylon Iraq
Cyrene Northwest Libya
Damascus Syria
Ephesus, Pergamum and Smyrna Western Turkey
Haran and Padan-aram Eastern Syria
Iconium and Lystra Central Turkey
Shinar Iraq - Ancient Babel and present day "Babylon"
Sidon and Tyre Western Lebanon (Coastal)
Tarsus Eastern Turkey
Ur Southeastern Iraq

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