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Please download this zip file and unzip all the files to your font directory. (E.g. C:\Windows\Fonts). If you don't have any compression tools like WinZip, WinRAR, WinAce; download one from http:\\www.jesusredeems.com\download\. (Or) Download and install TamilFont.exe from the www.jesusredeems.com Home page -> Hot Picks -> Tamil Fonts.

[If you have problem with viewing Tamil Scripture, Please download and install the Tamil font.]
[Tip: To view the Tamil Pages using Internet Explorer without any problem, Please select the View->Encoding->User Defined.]

Message in Tamil jkpopy; Njt nra;jpfs;
Njt nra;jpahsh;fs;:
rNfh. Nkhfd; rp. yhru];> rNfh. mg;ghJiu> rNfh. rhk; n[guh[;>
kw;Wk; Njt Copah;fs;.
Testimonies - Tamil jpwg;gpd; thry; n[gk;> njhiyf;fhl;rp Copak;> gj;jphpf;if Copak;> kw;Wk; gpw ,NaR tpLtpf;fpwhh;  Copaq;fspd; %ykhf NjtDila md;gpidAk;> fpUigiaAk; ngw;wth;fspd; rhl;rpfs;.
The Holy Bible - Tamil ghpRj;j Ntjhfkk; - jkpo; kw;Wk; Mq;fpyj;jpy;
The Holy Bible - Tamil with Search ghpRj;j Ntjhfkk; - jkpo; kw;Wk; Mq;fpyj;jpy; NjLjy; trjpAld;


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