"LORD will give you the desire of your heart" (Psalm 37:4)
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God who gives us victory!
Xavier Minhas.  

I am Xavier Minhas from a Muslim country. My family (Wife and child) lives in United States. I have tried to join with my family and applied for visa. But all my efforts are not successful and all are goes in vain. Then I decided to write email to Jesus Redeems Ministry to pray for my need. I have got reply giving a promise word from God "Keep on asking and it will be given to you; keep on seeking and you will find; keep on knocking and the door will be opened to you" Mat. 7:7. According to this word I claimed Jesus give me the visa without any further delay and remove all the obstacles in getting the visa. Jesus heard the prayer request and finally got the visa and now myself reunited with my family and living peacefully.

Many thanks to Jesus Redeems Ministry as well as to Brother Mohan C Lazarus for his prayer for me and my family.

Xavier Minhas.

Immanuel Isaac  

My Name is Immanuel Isaac,I am working in a Multinational company.

In the month of June’07 we were informed that due to cancellation of certain customer contracts , the project I was working on for the past year was coming to an end by 30th September. 2007.
Since I was a Project manager within this project, I was asked to move to other Department in another role after 30th of September. As I heard this, started looking out for internal openings commensurate with my present role, but could not find any suitable openings. My department Director also informed that no openings were available and that I had to move to another role within other departments. I was very worried and disturbed over the situation, as this new role was not of a Project Manager.

In July I had written to Jesus Redeems asking Uncle to pray for my Job situation that I should get another opening in the same Position within the company in the Same Location. I wrote the prayer request via e-mail on 16th July and on 17th July itself I got a reply from Jesus Redeems. Uncle had written back to me confirming that he is praying for my Job situation and gave me the following Promise from the Bible:
"If you ask anything in my name, I will do it." (John 14:14). This letter encouraged me and filled me with renewed faith.

I got reply from Jesus Redeems on 17th July and the situation changed drastically. On 18th July I was told by my Manager that I was shortlisted for a Project Manager vacancy and that the Interview would be conducted next week. The same day I also got the news that the Management changed the decision on a Project that was to start for a Customer,which also needed a Project Manager to be in theother concern,in order to fullfil certain SW Development requirements and this opening will also be within my current department itself.

Thus I got shortlisted for two openings within the same department where I am working. By the grace of GOD I cleared both the interviews.Before the Prayers there were no projects for me in my current role within my present Department, but after Prayers our Lord Jesus changed the situation and created two Openings for me as Project Manager within the same department and elevated me in my workplace.

I finally got the formal orders to move as Project Manager starting 01st October 2007. All praise and Glory be to our Lord Jesus.

I thank uncle and all the Prayer warriors of Jesus Redeems who prayed for me.
Hallelujah! Praise be to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Bro.Arun Kumar J  


I am Arun Kumar J. working in a Multi National Company as a "Software Engineer".

I was looking for my Promotion & Increment last one year but due to some problem I didn’t get. I was totally depressed. What I thought I have planned to resign my job & try to jump another company.

One day I think about my Promotion & Increment and suddenly Bro Mohan C Lazarus name came to my mind. And I have sent greetings to him and requested him to pray for needs in the wonderful name of our LORD Jesus Christ.

I have got reply from him stating that we specially prayed for all the prayer requests made by you. Our Lord is great. He will surely do the miracles in your job, solve your entire problems and bless you all & gave me one Promise word from God
"Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed,
for I am your God. I will strengthen you ..." (Isaiah 41:10)
According to His promise, Next day I came to my Office as usual and my Manager told that we have promoted you!!
I was totally surprised!! Immediately I praised Jesus, the one who created the Universe! Especially I have to say thank to Bro. Mohan C Lazarus & Jesus Redeems prayer network brothers & sisters.

Finally I will came to know that Prayer only can brings Victory!!
Everything is possible in the wonderful name of our LORD Jesus Christ!!


Arun Kumar J.

I Prayed! I became a Pilot
Monali Sansare, Nasik  

Praise the Lord

Dear Uncle,

Iím Monali Sansare from Nasik. Iím always been blessed by your ministry. Iím always calling on your helpline for my prayer request in Delhi & there those brother & Sister they always pray for me with so much of compassion & love. Iím really blessed. Iím 21 yrs old & Iím a PILOT with Jet Airways. From last 3 yrs Brother is praying for me, because of their prayer I cleared my medical. I could finish of my flying. For flying I didnít had money, no banks were ready to give me loans for 11 months. But brother kept telling me, have faith in God. So God did a miracle in my life. The owner of my flying school he paid my fees almost 8 lakhs and he told you join airlines then pay me. I was really shocked.

On today date nobody will do such thing but God did it super naturally and even during floods on 26th July, 2005, God saved me. I was stuck there only where maximum water was there; the place named is Kalina Santacruz (E). So many people died but Jesus saved me.

Even when I joined Jet Airways initially I did not do well in the in house test. I just got 34%, where the passing percent is 70%, but once again by Godís grace & prayer I topped in my final exam. I got 86%. Thanks to Lord Jesus.
Once again Air force people were not ready to clear my medical saying, Ďyou have an eye problem & not fit for flying & I was grounded. But by the prayer of Brother, God once again cleared my medical.
I give all the Glory & thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ for loving me so much & choosing. Once again Blessed be His name!

Monali Sansare

Door Opened
Ruby Farooq, Adambakkam, Chennai  

I was working as a software developer in a leading company as contract basis for the past 4 months. May 14th 2007 I got married and have lot of commitment in my married life ie. I took loans for my marriage. so i should go to job. I depends my job because of my commitment. I got Rs.25000/- per month as salary. In this situation the Company one day they said , your contract period is over. you are eligible to come here up to June 30th ,2007.better u search another job. I was very shocked when hearing the news. June 30 I went out from the Company. I asked you to pray for my job. u prayed and sent mail to me. I also prayed well, lord please open another door for me. I need a good permanent job to me. I never search job further. please do miracle to me according to your words.1 week I put fasting and prayed. what a surprise He done a miracle in my life.

what is that, one day I spoke to my project manager , I said I need a permanent job. please if any opportunity , help me. at the same time I was praying. he said give 2 days time for me . I will arrange soon. after 2 days he called me and asked me to come for interview at the same Company as a permanent employee. I went and attend the interview. I selected . now i am in working in the same Company, which sent me out where I am working as a permanent position and I am getting Rs.38,000 as salary.

All glory to Jesus only. I am thankful to Jesus and also thanks to you.

Thank you for your prayer.

Ruby Farooq,

Miraculous Disappearance of Lump
Bro. Gopala Krishnan, Aralvaimozhy  

A lump was in my mouth, which was very painful. I was unable to eat or drink properly. It was visible from outside. Even after consulting many doctors for 4 months it was not cured. At this time I prayed along with Brother in Thirappin Vasal Jebam for my sickness to be healed. What a surprise! Even before the prayer time was over, the lump in my mouth disappeared. Praise to God.

The power of God touched the womb
Sis. Asha Robert, Vadakhankulam  

When I was pregnant, the doctors who scanned me said that the baby heart was not properly developed, so there would be complications during delivery and it has to be operated. They also said that the intestine would be protruding out and the baby has to be operated again and even after the surgery the chances of survival was minimum for the baby. But with great faith we wrote to Thirappin Vasal Jebam and prayed at the feet of the Lord. God heard our prayers and gave me a normal delivery and also protected my baby from all complications.

30 Years Asthma disease Changed
Sis. Lalitha Bai, Nagercoil  

I was affected with asthma for the past 30 years and it made me very weak. Because of this disease I was unable to do any work. Most of the time I was not able to eat. This was not cured even after consulting many doctors and taking medicines. During this time I prayed with burden in Thirappin Vasal Jebam that I should be healed of this disease. The same moment the power of God touched me and now I am in good health. I also had a large lump in my stomach region. God healed it also completely. Thanks to God who gave healing.

The Lord who gave New Blood
Bro.Shanmuga Sundaram, Sawyerpuram  

My son often used to fall ill right from his birth. The doctors who tested said that phlegm is mixed with blood, and itís difficult to cure him. But we prayed with faith in Thirappin Vasal Jebam. During the prayer we experienced the power of God. Believing in faith that God has healed him, we asked the doctor to test him again. After the test the doctor said with great surprise that there is no sign of the disease. Thanks to God who heard our prayer and healed my son.

Cancerous Tumor Disappeared
Sis. Chitra, Tuticorin  

I belong to a Hindu family. I developed a tumor in my stomach a year before. The doctor gave up hope saying that it was cancer and it would continue to grow even after the surgery. At this time I heard about Thirappin Vasal Jebam and I joined the prayer and prayed along with Brother. After few days the tumor disappeared and now I am in perfect health.

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