"LORD will give you the desire of your heart" (Psalm 37:4)
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Life in Death Bed
Felcy, Paramankurichy  

I was in Coma State because of a sudden shock that affected my brain. The doctors who tested me said that I would expire in this state. At this time, prayers were offered for me in Thirappin Vasal Jebam. God touched me and brought me back to life after 11 days of warfare with life and death. Then I was unable to walk and breathe properly. But God healed me wonderfully without any sign of my disease. Praise to God.

Tumor in Uterus Disappeared
Joy, Neelpuram  

I was suffering for the past 6 years because of a tumor in my uterus. After consulting many physicians and taking a lot of medicines, the doctors told that it can be cured only through operation. In October 2000, I prayed after writing to Thirrapin Vasal Jebam. The power of God touched me. The doctors were astonished when they scanned me to find that there was no sign of the tumor. Thanks to the Lord who made the tumor disappear in a second.

Lord changed the poisonous condition
Joyce Hemalatha, Palayamkottai  

A dog bit me when I was conceived. The doctor who tested me said I have to abort since the poison has affected the fetus. But we made a vow and prayed in Thirappin Vasal Jebam with great faith. The Lord heard our prayers, changed the poisonous state and blessed us with a beautiful baby without any complication.

God of Miracles
Jaquline, Thenthiruperai  

My mother was suffering from blood sugar and God healed her completely when we prayed for her in Thirappin Vasal Jebam. I was unable to do any work because of the weakness that aroused out of continuous bleeding for 2 months. I prayed in Thirappin Vasal Jebam for my healing and God iraculously healed me. Moreover, without any reason my mother and myself were unable to walk for 1 year. God healed our sickness through Thirappin Vasal Jebam and now we are in perfect health.

Called me by name and Healed me
A. Peter, Karaikal  

I had a kind of weakness in my brain for a long time. I used to faint often and at times I was physically hurt. I came here with this burden, but when I prayed in Thirappin Vasal Jebam, the power of God touched me and I was healed completely. Brother called out my name at the time when I was filled with the power of God and said that Jesus Christ is healing my disease. I am healed completely. Praise to God.

Asthma of 25 years Disappeared

My husband was suffering from asthma for the past 22 years and was living with great agony. Even after taking lot of medicines and consulting many doctors this was not cured. At this time we prayed in Thirappin Vasal Jebam with tears. The Lord healed him completely. Moreover he was unable to walk properly because of a wound in his leg. God delivered him from this pain too. Now he is in perfect health. Thanks to the God who performed miracle.

He made me walk
Vasanthi John, Chennai  

I was bed ridden because of the displacement of a bone in my spine region. The doctors said that nothing can be told then and that they would be able to tell only after 2 months whether I could walk or not. At this time I joined along with brother in Thirappin Vasal Jebam and prayed for my deliverance. The same day God healed me completely. I thank the Lord who healed me. Also, thanks to brother who prayed.

Mental Illness Changed
Austin David, Ariyalur  

When my wife was pregnant, she was disturbed mentally and used to cry saying that during delivery either the child or she would die. So I wrote to the Thirappin Vasal Jebam and I too prayed. God gave us a baby miraculously without any complications. Thanks to God who saved both the lives. Moreover I was leading a sinful life for the past 20 years. Brother prayed for my repentance, now I am save and I’m a child of God.

All things are possible for God
Kala, Arumanai  

I was childless for 3 years after my marriage. I faced sufferings and insults because of this problem. when I tested the doctors told that I could not conceive since I had some problem in my uterus. I was Heart broken and I prayed in Thirappin Vasal Jebam with tears. Hearing my prayer, the Lord gave me a child to the surprise of the doctors. I thank brother who prayed and Jesus who performed a miracle.

Jesus who gave life
Lalitha Devi, Palayamkottai  

My grandson met with a sudden accident unexpectedly and was very badly hurt on the head region, and the upper portion of the head was found open. The doctors who tested him said that survival is difficult. At this time I came to Thirappin Vasal Jebam and prayed with tears for my grandson’s life. What a surprise! God gave back his life that the doctors were astonished. Also,he is in a good state of mind. Thanks to the Lord who did miracle hearing our prayer.

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