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"Release the bonded" –the command given by the Lord to this Ministry. Hence the 'Deliverance Camp' came into beginning in 1981 to enable each and every family to enjoy freedom.

Initially this camp was conducted at Tuticorin. Now,presently this camp is being conducted in Nalumavadi campus.

Almost 5000 people take part in this camp and receive miraculous cure and deliverance.This camp is conducted for 3 days with fasting the whole day and meals at night alone.

  • People who are sick and suffer from satanic attacks are prayed for, with burden, anointing them with oil.
  • People in need of couseling are rendered and prayed for,by medical practitioners and children of God.
  • Many are filled with the power of the Lord and the gifts of the Holy Spirit at the 'Sandhiya' hour in the evening.

Thirappin Vaasal Jebam Camps

To ensure deliverance in the Nation and to pray for the Nation, the 'Thirappin Vaasal Jebam' Camp was established.

  • Its beginning – 2006.
  • These camps take place during the Pongal holidays.
  • In the first camp nearly 800 people participated.
  • Now, nearly 6,000 people take part.

Do you know for what all prayers are upheld?

  • For the well being and blessings of the Nation
  • For the destruction of the powers of darkness that work in our Nation
  • For the Nation to be saved from Natural calamities
  • For putting an end to the violent cultures of the terrorists

To arouse the Spirit of Prayer, a burden to pray along with the anointing of prayer, for all participants to give themselves up to the Lord, the four who share the word of God and lead us in prayer are:

  • Bro. Mohan C Lazarus
  • Bro. Vincent Selvakumar
  • Bro. A Appadurai
  • Bro. Sam Jebaraj

Participate in the camps! Be blessed!

Training Camps

Soul Winning Training Camp

The first soul winning training camp was held at Nalumavadi in the year 1988 in October.

Special Features of this Camp.
  • How to lead individuals into salvation
  • How to pray with burden for souls
  • How the Power and Gifts of the Holy Spirit acts on
  • Provision of practical training
  • Are you ministering in villages or ministering by distributing tracts?
  • Have you a passion to win souls?
  • Contact with us!

Many who had participated in this camp are shining for the Lord.

Not only here, these camps have been held in foreign Nations like Malaysia,Singapore too. Through these camps, Churches have grown and spread.

Thus, with this intention of moulding prayer warriors,the 'Prayer Camp' vision came into form.

Prayer Camp

  • How to pray?
  • How to come up in prayer life?
  • How to overcome the obstacles that come way in personal prayer?
  • How to plead and pray?
  • How to pray for revival?
  • How to frame prayer groups?
  • How to carry out prayer walk?
The result?

Through these camps, in India, thousands of prayer warriors have been moulded. The Lord has graced to mould prayer warriors in Malaysia also by conducting such many prayer camps.

Jesus DiscipleTraining Camp

The first camp was held in the year 2007 in July. Nearly 850 children of God took part.

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