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The Lord spoke to Brother while he was praying, "I would give you a mountainous area". Exactly did He give one at 'Keezha Maathapuram' in Kadayam area, approximately 10 kms from Courtallam through a brother who had purchased it and donated for the "Jesus Redeems" at free of cost.

  • Prayer Tower
  • Prayer Walk Garden
  • Prayer Village
  • Prayer Mansions
  • Prayer Vehicle

God had promised Bro. Mohan C. Lazarus while he was praying that He would give him a mountainous region and that mountain is to be formed into a Prayer Mountain. As per the promise, in the year 2002, God gave a 100 acres of mountainous region near Courtallam, Tamilnadu.

God expects us to have prayers in the prayer mountain 24 hours a day for the salvation of our nation and for the revival of our world.

  • We are building a Prayer Tower to have prayers 24 hours a day.
  • Prayers are held in the Intercessory Prayer Tower and Miracle Healing Tower.
  • Thousands of people come to the Prayer Garden of Tamil Nadu, India and the World to pray for the revival in our nation.
  • Gethsemane Prayer Garden is being established for the people to have a close and intimate relationship with God.
  • "Esther Mansion" and "Mordecai Mansion" are built to accommodate the people who come for prayer.
  • Prayer Chariot enables us to bring the people for prayer.
  • We have Standing in the Gap Fasting Prayers in the last Thursdays of every month.
  • Apart from Sundays a group of Prayer Warriors gather together from 10.00 am - 04.00 pm to watch and pray for our nation.

In this God given place, "Prayer Walk Garden", "Prayer Tower", "Prayer Village", "Prayer Palace" (with a seating capacity of 3,000 ) "Prayer cave" is likely to be built. This prayer mountain area is exclusively ordained for praying for the Nation. Children of God gather here and pray for the Nation, day and night.

At present, construction works for "India Prayer Walk Garden" is going on.

  • 70 Prayer Centres
  • 28 States of India
  • 7 Union Territories
  • 32 Districts of Tamilnad
  • 5 continents of the World

Details regarding the above, with map and prayer points are to be put up.


  • 2 Prayer Towers
  • Gethsemane Prayer Centre (morning 6 to evening 6)


  • Prayer Tower
  • Prayer Village
  • 70 huts
  • 70 small Prayer Cells
  • Prayer Palace (For "Thirappin Vaasal Fasting Prayer Camp" purpose)

For the purpose of lodging for those who attend the camp

  • Mordecail Mansion
  • Esther Mansion

To know the Bible better

  • Bible World
  • The Prayer Mountain Project in accordance to the Lord's vision may seem
  • Mighty like a mountain, yet with faith as a grain of mustard that could even
  • Remove a mountain and with the promise of the Lord,
  • "Mountains may be removed but not My unfailing love"

Is likely to stand up victoriously to uphold the incense of prayer to the Heavens in the Name of Jesus Christ who will help us to accomplish it.

Website : www.prayermountain.in

For contact : 04634 240245

Prayer mountain

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