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There are many tiny hamlets around Nalumavadi, the native of Bro. Mohan C Lazarus. The residents of these villages are poor and stand neglected as scheduled castes in the society.

The Holy Spirit induced a burden that these illiterate poor people also should receive salvation and become children of God.

As a result, sprouted the free services of "Bethesda Hospital".

Special Medical Camps

Blood donation camps, eye camps, camps for diabetes and skin problems are conducted continually. Moreover, to help in uplifting poor children, the ‘Jesus Redeems’ furthers them to pursue their education in fields of medicine, engineering, nursing, computer, video section, teacher training and college studies.

  • Centralizing Madurai, Ministry amidst the visually handicapped is being carried out Every year, during the days of Christmas fest, we provide food and clothes along with gospel to nearly 600 of them.
  • Same way, during this season, the good news of the birth of Jesus Christ is being shared to the home mates of the “Leprosy Hospital” at Peikulam. Meals and new dresses are also distributed.
  • This same provision to nearly 75 orphans and nearly 200 handicapped people at Krishnagiri is arranged in Christmas season. To help and guide the “handicapped” in the form of counsel or they to know and benefit all Government offers, a special counter is opened on all “Thirappin Vaasal” days.

On the day of Christmas, we disclose the love of God by providing feast and clothes along with gospel to beggars and to 1000 poor from the villages in and around Nalumavadi.

A tuition centre is being jointly run by the “Jesus Redeems” Ministry and “Compassion” organization, wherein, we have 244 children (123 boys and 124 girls). Since we are able to mould them and offer balanced assistance in all dimensions – physical, social, educational and spiritual, we are able to frame a better student society in our village. Through the counseling we give to their parents, we are a source for the blooming of blissful families.

In 2006, owing to the awful devastation due to Tsunami, the Lord graced us to spend 25 lakhs to build houses and provide boats to those who had lost theirs, and also to get them motor boats and fishing nets.

Whenever calamities arise due to Nature, we lend helping hands. The Lord graced us to build 52 quality houses at a cost of 23 lakhs when there was an earthquake in Gujarat. He also furthered us with His Grace to provide food under the “Manna Scheme”, houses through the “Stephen Colony Scheme” and Churches through the “Canaan Project” when riots struck Kandhamal in Orissa in the year 2008.

When Cuddalore and Pondicherry areas were hit by the "Thane Cyclone", in December 2011, in accordance to the Lord’s lead we indulged in renovating the damaged Churches and the project is going on.

God willing, a “Multispeciality Hospital” is likely to be constructed through the ‘New Life Society’. Prior to this, 3 girls who were made to undergo Nursing course training through our Ministry has started to work and the “Ambulance” for 24 hours use has also started its functioning. These three sisters, attend the sick people at free of cost till noon in the “Jesus Redeems” office campus. After noon, they visit the tiny hamlets, survey the families and collect their medical history. Necessary treatments for whoever needed are provided and thus this service is being done as a ministry. Medical Camps are also conducted in these villages.

Here, a touching witness for this medical ministry

MY NAME IS MERCY JOHN PAUL Having established a ministry by name “The Lord will lead”, we are ministering the Lord as a family at Selvarajapuram, Arumuganeri.

My hindu name is Murugeshwari. I have three children. We were leading a poverty-stricken life. Once my 4 month baby, Anita, fell sick and having heard of the free medical services at the ‘House Of God’, Nalumavadi, I came over there. After examining the child, Dr. Anburajan, gave medicines and tablets. While moving out, Bro. Paul Purushothaman, the brother who is in this ministry for more than 25 years, enquired me of my baby, got the medicines and tablets from me and asked me to close my eyes. I closed my eyes with negligence. He asked me to say, “Come into me, Jesus”. With the fear, suppose I do not repeat, he may not give me the medicines and tablets, I repeated, “Come into me, Jesus”. The very moment, I could feel there was some change within me.

After this, I attended the "Thirappin Vaasal" prayer at Nalumavadi for the first time with my three children. At the prayer hour, when Brother was praying fierily, I too joined with him and prayed as “Come into me, Jesus … with power” I could feel a power enfolding me. The Holy Spirit helped me to grow in the Lord step by step.

From 1995 onwards, for 9 years, we were praying as a team. In the 10th year, it became a Church and the Lord has furthered nearly 40 families to gather and worship the Lord. Every year nearly 300 children come to know of the Lord through VBS.

If the simple prayer “Come into me, Jesus” could do such a mighty thing in my life, I felt it is apt to quote Zachariah 4: 10 “For who has despised the day of small things?

In accordance to this Biblical verse the hospital ministry that was started in a simple way, has now grown so large to glorify the Lord. Words are not enough to praise Him.

You too can join hands with us in this social ministry. The donations you contribute in favour of “New Life Society” avails tax exemption.

Come! Let us unite ourselves together in this service for Christ!

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