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Bro. Mohan C. Lazarus spent time praying alone and it was later formed into a Group, and the Group consistently grew into 3000 as people began coming for Prayer so the Prayers were held in the House of God Building. As more and more people began coming for Prayer and as the House of God could not accommodate the mass, the Prayer was held in a Thatched Tent which housed around 20,000 People. At present Tabernacle of God is being built to accommodate 50,000 people and to have various prayers.

Standing in the Gap Fasting Prayer

In the last Saturday of every month about 40,000 people come to the Tabernacle of God to pray for the salvation and blessing of our Nation.

All Night Prayer

All Night Prayer is being conducted on the 2nd Saturdays of every month from 9.00Pm - 4.00 Am to pray for our Nation.

Meetings for Children & Youth

A Special Meeting is organized for Children on 2nd October when the country celebrates Gandhi Jeyanthi, and to create a revival among youngsters, youth meeting is being organized on the 15th of August (Independence Day).

Deliverance Camp

Every year, a 3 days Camp is organized in the end of May for the deliverance of the people from the bondages of sins, sickness and other problems and for the spiritual strengthening and refreshment of their body, soul and mind.

Blessing Prayer for Business Men

On the 2nd Saturday of March, Special Prayer is conducted for the industrial growth and development of our nation. Many Business Men participate in the prayer and pray for the blessing of their business.

Teens Camp

A 3 Days Camp is held in may for adolescent boys and girls so that they may be able to right decisions in this crucial phase for the betterment of their future.

Standing in the Gap Prayer Camp

During pongal holidays, a 3 days Standing in the Gap Prayer Camp is organized to intercede with tears for the salvation of our Nation.

Fellowship for Senior Citizens, Physically Challenged and Widows

We bring into the lives of the marginalized and stigmatized people by organizing special meetings for them and by providing them with good food in the last week of every month.

"Watchmen" Prayer

Everyday Children of God gather as a group in the Tabernacle of God building to seal the Nation with prayer.

Counselling Centre

Many visit the Counselling Centre for prayer and counselling and have been delivered from their clutches.

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